FULL GROOM: When the full works is needed!

Price: Varies per breed and owners style request

Description: Brush out, ear clean, nail trim, wash and blow dry. Style trim or full clip.  Cologne spritz.

Duration: Average 2 - 2.5 hours


Price: Varies per breed and size.

Description: Brush out, ear clean, nail trim, wash and blow dry.  Cologne spritz.

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours 

PUPPY PAMPER: ( For puppies up to 6 months of age)

Price: €35 - 45 (depending on size)

Description: Introduction to Grooming: Recommended for your little darlings.  An excellent way of getting your puppy used to visiting the groomer.   We will firstly give lots of love and reassurance, then puppy will be brushed, washed and dried.  Nails and ears will also be checked.  For their first couple of visits we will take the procedure slowly and calmly to allow them to become familiar with equipment and relax into the experience.  They will learn and associate a trip to the groomers as a positive experience. Puppies must be fully vaccinated to avail of this service.

Duration: 1 - 2 hours 


Description: Hygiene trim (groin and bum), ear clean, nail trim, tidy around eyes and fringe. Cologne spritz.
Duration: 15 minutes                  

Price:  €10  (free for regular customers between grooms)

Price: €5 per 15 minutes on top of Full Groom / Basic Groom price.
Where a coat can be saved from a full clip down but needs extra de-matting, this charge will apply.  Not all coats can be saved.  We will discuss the possibility once we have assessed your dogs coat. 

Please be advised we charge extra for difficult / aggressive dogs.


Please contact us if you cannot make your scheduled appointment and we will be happy to rearrange for you. Please give us ample notice.

Unfortunately no shows and last minute/short notice cancellations will incur a charge. 

NO SHOW: Payment in full of missed appointment,  payable prior to booking further appointments.

12-24 hours will incur 25% charge of groom cost 
12 hours or less will incur 50% of groom cost. This will be added to your next appointment payment.