Owners Tips


On The Day of Your Appointment
Exercise your dog (if possible) before your appointment. Please make sure your dog has had a chance to toilet before arriving to the salon.  All dogs must have a lead and collar.  Please contact us if you have trouble finding us or are running late. 

All dogs must be collected promptly once the groom is complete, we will notify you by telephone.     PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE TO COLLECT YOUR DOG IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A PHONE CALL FROM US. Arriving early disrupts the grooming process as your dog is excited to see you and makes it difficult for the groomer to finish the groom safely. 

In Between Grooming Sessions

Brush and comb your dog at home between professional grooming sessions.  Your groomer can give practical advice on correct brushes/combs to use and also advise on methods and frequency necessary to have a tangle free dog. 

A dog that is not brushed effectively between grooming sessions will be more tangled/matted than those dogs who are.  This may increase the grooming cost for owner.

Why Get Your Dog Groomed?
Regular grooming  promotes healthier skin and coat as well as contributing to their general well being.  Regular grooming can also keep parasites at bay or at best eliminate them totally as early detection will be a lot easier to deal with rather than a major infestation.  A competent professional groomer will, hopefully pick up on any lumps or bumps that may need veterinary attention at some stage. Regular grooming also leaves you with an attractive, clean, happy dog which loves being handled and groomed.